Cloud Servers

A cloud server is a virtual server that is hosted and delivered by a cloud computing platform over the internet. This is done using the virtualization technology where this virtual server is run in a cloud computing environment. All the files and data that may be spread across several devices across geographical locations can be accessed remotely with a running internet connection through a cloud server.

There are three primary types of cloud servers: public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

In a public cloud, a service provider makes all resources public over the internet. It is a form of computing where a third-party provider owns and manages the servers, infrastructure and other resources and gives its customers access to on-demand computing services.

In contrast, a private cloud is a form of computing available only to a specific organisation. A company hosts its own cloud servers privately and maintains control of its management and maintenance on a private cloud.

Lastly, in a hybrid cloud, both public and private clouds are combined with on-premise cloud servers and off-site cloud servers to bring the best possible outcome. It provides a custom environment that offers better performance, flexibility, control and security at an affordable price.

Top Benefits of Cloud Servers

Cloud servers provide businesses with significant benefits to ensure their business continuity online; some of the important ones are stated below.


Cloud servers eliminate the worry of losing sensitive and confidential data and facing extended downtime. Through cloud servers, your website is hosted on multiple servers, i.e., the computers. If particular hardware faces an issue, other servers enable you to keep your website running smoothly. If your business is based on several pieces of data, it is best to opt for cloud servers to avoid the disaster of losing information and wasting time in retrieving back the data lost. It provides maximum network uptime and guarantees no single point of failure.  


Scalability is one of the outstanding traits of a cloud server. When you use a cloud server, the website is run through a cloud-based environment which allows you to quickly scale your data requirements depending on the variations in your business. Using this feature ensures that you pay only for the services that you use. It provides you with the ability to increase or decrease IT resources as needed to meet changing demand. 


Using cloud server platforms does not require you to undertake time-consuming and expensive software installation and maintenance tasks. All these resources are fully managed by the cloud hosting provider, who is in charge of the virtual operating systems. Cloud servers are more affordable than dedicated servers as you can save all these installation and management costs and use them for your additional business needs.

Easy Access

When your files are on the cloud server, they can be accessed from anywhere across geographical locations as long as you have a running internet connection. Especially when your team is working remotely or travelling, this benefit ensures that the business functions are carried out without interruption. You can also easily access your business data if your computer or laptop is stolen or attacked by a virus. As all the information is safely stored on the cloud server, such sudden mishaps will keep your data safe on the cloud.

Centralised Operation

Through cloud servers, all the files and data are stored on the cloud in the same location. It makes it easier for your business to collaborate with others and share work. Even your business team members can alter and update such information on a real-time basis, ensuring all your applications and documents are upgraded with the latest version of the data. 

How Much Does it Cost for a Cloud Server?

Cloud servers are affordable compared to traditional hosting, including dedicated servers and shared servers, as the cloud hosting provider bears the software installation and maintenance costs. You do not have to worry about capital expenditure as you don’t need to invest in any infrastructure. You only need to pay for the resources you use, which makes it even more cost-effective in efficiently running your business. 

In Australia, the basic cost of hosting on a cloud server is above $100 and can go up to $800. The amount charged depends on the size, requirements and goals of each business. The lower the memory space needed, the lesser will be the cost charged for it. The price also depends on the cloud hosting provider’s services. If they handle the backups, maintenance and updating of all your company’s storage needs or any additional task, you will have to pay for the services you utilize.

Cloud Servers Australia

Australia is a place where almost every business is conducted online, and everyone is tech-savvy. Cloud server providers in Australia offer super-fast connectivity to ensure the smooth functioning of these businesses. The network delivered enhances business productivity as it provides maximum uptime and 100% data security. The added benefits may slightly differ between each provider, but all are affordable and include no hidden costs. Every server solution provided is tailor-made to suit individual client business requirements. The server & virtual instance is also effectively optimised with super-fast SSD storage. The cloud server providers here are available at any hour of the day to assist you if you face any trouble.